BBC Television
Can I just tell you how dazzled I was to see the final, final version of ep one go out, live on Tuesday.  Spectacular photography – I mean I have NEVER seen Rome shot so ravishingly.  Amazing.  But what really engrossed me was the power of those funerary epitaphs that you brought to life.  It was like reading the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, as written by Plautus.  Superb, engaging, and utterly memorable. Please do pass on to the WHOLE team, especially Hugo and his DP’s.  I assure you there will be a generation of viewers who have had picture of Rome and Romans brilliantly enhanced – and every Latin teacher in the country will now be armed with shiny new DVDs. This was BBC Television at its best, and I really want to thank you for having brought it to us, and for having made it so well.
Martin Davidson

PITCH International

Here at Pitch we always use Frame Makers and Prospero when we’re in Italy. We have found Prospero to be a reliable and talented cameraman and have used him for a variety of interviews both for magazine shows and documentaries. His lighting skills are particularly good and and we have 100% trust in all his other abilities. We wouldn’t use anyone else in Italy and can only highly recommend him.
David Tryhorn

We’ve hired Prospero Bozzo as DoP on documentaries in China, El Salvador, Jordan, Eritrea and Kiribati. He never fails to deliver extra-ordinary footage. I would highly recommend him. James Heer, Head of Broadcast Communications, IFAD, Rome. We met Prospero when we were chasing around Milan filming Jose Mourinho for BBC Sport. Prospero was kind and helpful, giving us valuable advice that ensured we secured a spot in the media scrum.  It would seem his knowledge is second to none.
James Heer – Head of Broadcast Communication

LION Television
Dear Prospero, I am still buzzing from my few days in Venezia – a really special and invigorating experience.  I don’t get out on location so much any more – I send other people off to have adventures, but I am delighted I made it to Venice.  And meeting you made it even more special.  I knew Caterina was incredibly professional and though I hadn’t spent much time with Elena I immediately knew she has the ‘right stuff’ – but it was really excellent that you – and Marco = were able to come on board.  Your charming professionalism and hardwork made the whole experience outstanding. What I have seen of the material looks fabulous.
I think there is a real opportunity if we get this right for this to be the first of many such projects. I feel in my bones we will be working again together before long.
Richard Bradley – Managing Director

LION Television

I have been wanted to tell you for some time that the series ‘Meet the Romans’ has been a complete triumph.  It got an excellent audience but also a fantastic critical reception – helped when one ill-advised reviewer said she was too ugly for television.  At which point thousands of people leapt to her defence in support of the programmes.  One of the things that has been most satisfying is how everybody has commented on just how excellent the photography was, and how beautiful Rome looked.
Richard Bradley – Managing Director

Prospero is extremely professional to work with, as well as a creative cameraman who films imaginative footage. He even ended up on top of an enormous lorry for our shoot for Guinness World Records – above and beyond the call of duty!
Tessa Parry – Producer

But I’ll be glad to recommend you on the basis of the work you did. It was highly professional, nicely shot and gave me lots to play with in edit.
Shiroma Silva

BBC Scotland

It’s been a great pleasure to work with Prospero – he’s a very hardworking and creative lighting cameraman. Great with contributors and presenters. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Sean Mc Guire

GREENTOWN Productions, Inc.

As a producer from the United States, there’s always trepidation shooting overseas that the local crews will be skilled and professional. When a project brought me to Milan and Prospero, I was relieved to found I was in the hands of a true professional. Skilled and knowledgeable, Prospero immediately made me feel I was in good hands. His work ethic and attention to detail was evident from the start, and if I ever have a project back in Italy, it’s Prospero I want to work with.
Thad Vassmer

UEFA Media Officer

Prospero Bozzo is a clever, talented guy with top quality contacts in Italian Football. It was a joy working with him and I’d recommend him thouroughly to anyone who wants to create an excellently filmed shoot.
Graham Hunter

ITV Sport
Frame Makers are a very professional, reliable provider of great ENG Crews who do whatever is asked whenever it’s asked.  Punctual, on time, creative and all within budget!  We’d definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone who asked.  Great staff too which always makes the experience a good one.
Pauline Huston – Production co-ordinator


AP Television Corporate Services has worked regularly with Prospero Bozzo. We particularly appreciate his calm experience, care and commitment in fast-turnaround production, and his ability to liaise directly with clients if needed. We’ve found that we can always rely on his skills to give us and our clients the kind of results we need.
Ian Hazleton – Producer, Corporate Services

SNTV News Editor
In terms of feedback, I would be delighted to contribute… You have consistently produced work of the highest quality for SNTV – always reliable, always there to cover the story no matter what. And a thoroughly nice man on top of it – what more could we wish for!
Stephen Hannon – Editor

Prospero is great guy to get on with and – judging by the results of our shoot – obviously an extremely skilled and experienced professional. Highly recommended.
Stephen Clark – Producer

I cannot say enough positive things about Prospero. He works with many of our clients who travel over from the US, which can present different production and logistical challenges. He has always met them with grace, skill, and the experience it takes to come up with a creative solution and beautiful footage. Prospero is the ultimate professional, and we are proud to have him as a dependable resource in Milan.
Kate Waterfall – Production Manager